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Letter from Jeremy
I wanted to send you a picture of the elk I was fortunate to harvest on September 12, 2013.  I drew a LE Bull tag for the Manti-Lasal National Forest in Utah.  I harvested my bull on the 14th day of hunting with the season ending the next day!  A friend of mine who helped get my elk out had one of your Bull Pacs!  So I was able to pack the Cape and antlers out with it!  Your Bull-Pac worked awesome and is so lightweight (before you put the elk on Lol)!  It was one of the most memorable experiences of my life!  Thank You so much for helping my dream come true!


Pictures from Eric
Eric's Spike Camp

E-Mail from Jared
After scouting the area that we hunted earlier that fall, my teacher Mark and our friend William and I were able to leave school one Friday after noon and arrive back in time for school the next week with three goats. We camped in the boat and were able to climb up from sea level to about two thousand feet to begin our hunts. Two of the three goats were packed out with Bull Pacs and they handled the weight extremely well and allowed for very good movement.

email from Russ  at Big Woods Wilderness Outfitters www.bigwoodshunting.com      1-866 444-0401
As a bear, wolf, and deer outfitter that requires a sturdy pack frame for hauling out hides and meat and packing in bear baits on a regular basis, the BULLPAC has surpassed all out expectations.  It has shown no signs of stress or wear over the years and we have ordered more for all our guides.  the BULLPAC is not only well designed for tying stuff down, but does it in such a way that you hardly know the load is there.  It is that comfortable and adjustable to the individual.  My wife, Pat and I shared the use of the BULLPAC we had, and even tho there is a 100 pound weight difference we were both able to adjust the straps to attain a proper and comfortable fit.  This will be the last pack frame that you will need to buy.  We don't know how we could now operate our business without them.  Thank you BULLPACS for making such an excellent product.

A Bull-Pac loaded with a great trophy.

email from rich dickerson  Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.  I wanted to let you know how the frame worked and see if the offer to make my Cabelas bag work with this frame still stands.  For my hunt I sip tied the bag to the frame and that worked ok.  As for the frame, it was great!  The suspension worked perfectly and was very comfortable.  Our first day hunting we shot 3 caribou, 14.5 hours after that we had them back in came. (Tundra is tough to walk on.)  One of tghe caribou had double main beams on one side.  The next day we got 1 more.  The frame is very tough, easy to load and carries easy.  All you could want in a pack frame.  I would highly recommend it.  thanks.

email from andy reed - Hello, Janice, just a quick note to provide some feedback on my fall bullpac purchase.  I purchased the alice pack adapted version, and used a large ALICE rucksak as designed.  On the hike in to elk camp the 1st day I thought, "This thing would be perfect with a sternum strap."  When I got to camp I realized that it had a sternum strap that I had somehow failed to notice.  I thought the load leveler straps were not needed, although I had wanted the option.  The pack rode very secure without ever making adjustments to those straps.  However, they did serve as something nice to hold on to while hiking.
Overall, great quality materials were evident and the pack did not slip, loosen, or shift while carrying any load while completely soaked from rain or snow.  I am a highly satisfied customer.  I packed in for a 4 day backpack elk hunt, packed out meat and horns, and later in the season I used the frame as a harness to drag out my whitetail buck.  Also a friend's buck both over snow.  Worked like a charm.  I am quite pleased and see the pack serving usefully for years to come.  Thanks.

email from michael smith  I elk hunt Idaho.  My hunting partner and I day dream about putting an elk down either close to or above a road.  Most of the time we end up packing the meat up the steep brushy North Idaho mountains.  Last year I had a pack frame that was just a basic model.  This is the type I had always used.  That year my hunting partner had purchased a BULL PAC.  My frame completely failed because the weight was just too much.  The belt broke and the tubing failed. 
     Elk are very heavy animals and since there are usually just the two of us, we need to load up and over 100 pounds each to get our meat out in good condition.  The BULLPAC performed well and I was envious of my partner, as I seemed to spend a lot more of that precious energy than he did.  You steep mountain elk hunters know what I am talking about.
     So after that experience I knew I needed to buy a BULLPAC.  However, before I ordered one I found myself at the local sporting goods store looking at pack frames and ended up purchasing a Nimrod pack as it looked nice and was well made.  I actually paid more than the price of a BULLPAC. 
     This year I had the good fortune to need to pack out a bull.  Again my partner and I boned the animal out and looked to haul it out in one heavy trip.  This again required in excess of 100 pounds in each pack.  I was excited to use my new pack and my partner had his trusty BULLPAC.  These were heavy loads and I became convinced that we had divided the meat wrong and that my pack felt 20 pounds heavier.  So rather than repack the meat, we decided to trade off periodically to share the burden. 
     Whichever one of us that wore the BULLPAC pulled away from the other on the steep hike.  This convinced us both that there was a large weight discrepency.  When we got to the butcher we carefully weighed the meat.  I was shocked to find that there was less than five pounds difference. 
     Guess what?  I ordered a BULLPAC today.  If you hunt elk and you pack heavy, you need serious equipment.  You will save money and that precious energy when packing if you just buy the right pack the first time.


There are industrial uses for BULL PACS.  We have a forest contracting business and use the BULL PAC in our logging operations to move rigging around.  We can carry everything we need.  The wire rope is 65 lbs, blue rope 7.5 lbs.  We have much less fatigue and fewer injuries.

We also used two BULL PACS in our tree planting operation nearly every day for the last 8 or 9 years and the soft parts are just wearing out.  I recently used them on a fence contract to carry rolls of field fence.  They are comfortable, durable and have saved us countless back injuries over the years. 

E-Mail From Jeff Griggs - I have owned my Bullpac for several years and have carried
many heavy loads of gear and meat.  It has never failed. I love how I can compress a load, nice and tight, to the frame. Just last week, my hunting buddy and I went on a traditional archery elk hunt, deep in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. We packed our gear into panyards on two mules. At one point, the mules  got tangled up and slipped off a steep slope. One of the mules fell over and was dragged on her side down the hill, by the other.
The good news is the mules were O.K. the bad news is my bullpac took the brunt of the falling 900lb mule. As we pulled the gear out of the panyards, I found my bullpac bent at the top cross bar. We were able to bend it back but it broke under the stress. The plan was for the mules to bring our gear all the way into camp, but the rough terrain forced us to unload and haul it ourselves the last few miles on our backs,(about 80lbs each). Even with the broken cross bar, my Bull!   pac performed well. We both managed to get all our gear to camp without a hitch. After a nine day exciting elk hunt but no elk down or food left, we were forced to leave. Now the broken cross member completely gone, I had to attach the shoulder straps to the back pad staps to haul our gear out, which worked fine. The moment we got home, Friday afternoon, I called Bullpacs, and by Monday morning I had a new frame, free of charge.  With rested bodies and a new Bullpac frame we are ready to head back out in our pursuit of the Great Wapiti. I would like to thank Janis for her immediate attention and professionalism and Bullpacs for a great product.
 Thanks again,
 Jeff Griggs
Snowmass, Colorado

E-Mail from Mark Penninger - I have owned my Bull - Pac for many years and it has packed out elk, mule deer, blacktail deer, and bear.  It has never failed me.  This past season I got my first bull elk with my longbow and a cedar arrow.  He's a nice 7x7 and the Bull-Pac got it out of the woods for me.
I also use my pack each spring for doing a pack test for wildland fire fighting.  As I walk laps around the track with my BullPac loaded with 45# sandbag, I day dream about the upcoming archery season.  Thanks for a great product.

E-Mail from Sean Lancaster - If you ever need a reference please let me know, or use this on the website.  I am just a normal hunter that likes to chase elk and take other backpack hunts.  My BULL-PAC is light, comfortable and the best pack I have ever owner.  I dropped it last year on a dall sheep hunt in the Yukon and it made it to the bottom before I did.  I picked it up, threw it on and went my way.  It was not damaged at all.  540 665 5135

E-Mail from Brent McBride - I have been using your bullpac withe the packsack for the last several years.  I have carried many elk with it and once used it for a quick rifle rest to harvest a 400+ pound pig with 3 1/4" tusks.  I have several other packs, but they now only collect dust in my garage.  I use the bullpac for bivy and packing adventures.  I wanted to let you know the latest.
I was carrying 125 pounds of elk meat down a steep mountain.  I lost my balance and fell "head over heels" several times before I could stop.  Silly Me!  It was a hard impact fall on dirt and rocks.  My 14 boot even came off, and my pants were ripped.  I then took inventory of the many minor injuries and sore body parts.
After doing this I wondered if any meat survived this crashing, and how bad the bullpac was damaged.  How I love your strap system!  My meat was still 100% strapped down, just like when I started carrying it.  No meat was lost or damaged.  The pack and straps did not have any damage.  Thanks to this pack I have a freezer full of good elk steaks.  This was the ultimate abuse of your product!  I will never use another pack system.  Thanks again.

E-Mail from Brian Mayer - I was in the military for 20 years and am now a police officer in California.  I have bought, carried, tested and used almost every pack and pack frame system (internal and external) out there.  This is the best.  I was amazed at how durable and well made it is.  Thanks for all your help and responses to my questions.  And the Lochsa is awesome!!  Best regards.

E-Mail from Brandon Shepard - I just wanted to let you know how the BULL-PAC has given my dad and I a new drive to continue hunting where we want to.  Until now we had quit hunting the steep ridges far out in the woods.  Dragging the deer was out of the picture so we quit hunting there and started looking for somewhere else to hunt.  My father ordered a BULL-PAC late last year and no luck that year, but in 05 we ventured back into the steep ridges and hollows where nobody else ever goes and have had great success.  A 10 point, an 8 point, and 3 does and missed another nice buck.  Just a note about the 3 does:  they were all packed out at the same time and the pack weighed 100 lbs.  Thanks goes to the BULLPAC because we now enjoy hunting back where we love to hunt - off the beaten path.

Email from a backpacker who wishes to remain anonymous - Fantastic service.  I received my pack within a week.  This may not sound out of the ordinary but considering I live in England then I'm well impressed.  You were very helpful and even made some lashing straps for me at my request.  You also coped well with my strong regional accent and the bad phone connection as well.  Great customer service.  
Regarding the pack itself I am extremely impressed.  The build quality is great and looks built to last.  I bought the pack after researching external frame packs for when I need to pack large loads.  Here in the UK hunting is virtually unheard of so my use will be in a backpacking sense, although I haven't tried the Bullpac in earnest yet, I did strap my heaviest pack onto it (a 125L lowe alpine saracen fully loaded?.  It felt great, a lot better than the saracens own carrying system, which is ok for lighter loads but not comparable to the Bullpac.

Dear Bullpacs,
The story goes like this. My younger nephew Bill is a teacher like me and he has 2 weekends to harvest a bull moose in this area of Trestle Creek.  Bill put a lot of miles on this summer trying to find a bull hole where these big boys lay around and wait for the rut. We found a high mountain basin way away from the roads and the only thing living there were big bears and a couple of old grand-daddy bull moose. We called one in the night before but couldn't get a decent shot. The next morning we weren't in any hurry so we took our time and watched cow moose feed in an alpine lake next to our camp. In fact, one young cow swam across the lake and fed 10 yards from our camp, she was like the neighbors dog coming over for a visit to see what we were like and maybe get a bite of our camp peanut shells. So we took off around 8 AM and walked into our area at 10:36 AM and see this giant bull feeding on snow brush over his head. He is pulling and munching not even knowing we are watching him from 70 yards up hill.  Now this area is very unique. There are boggy meadows and stunted fir trees over 50 years old, it reminds me of pictures in Alaska. Bill asks me to use my bow, from which I'm hunting elk and mule deer (that's another story itself). I explain to Bill that we have the first day of school in 2 days and we are looking at almost a ton of critter to haul out on our backs to our truck about 7 miles away. Bill pulled the trigger on his 300 Ultra Mag rifle and this giant never took another step. After we admired this moose for 10 fantastic minutes, Bill took off and called our family back in Libby, Montana, only a jump across the state line and the Cabinet Mountain range. This became a family affair hauling this wonderful Idaho bull moose out of the Rocky mountains. The picture you see is Jon Moe on the left, Bill Moe with the bull, and me, Lloyd Moe on the right. We are all wearing your bullpacs. God bless America.
Sincerely, Lloyd Moe

Rick Casselman shot this nice "Six X Spike" .  I guess they are not  as rare as we thought.  The happy Alberta hunter is pictured below with his hunting partner David Murphy.    

Top photo is me packin' Tony DeHart's 7x7 Oregon bull out. Bottom photo is packin' my 7x7 Oregon bull out.

So far I have packed out deer, bear and elk with your Bull-Pac.  It is BY FAR the best pack system I have ever used.  I use it with the Selway Full Packsack and it fastens the load extremely secure to the frame.  The wide waist and shoulder straps really seem to take the weight off the shoulders.  I use heavy duty garbage bags inside the pack when packing boned out meat or quarters to keep the packsack in good condition.

It was well worth the investment to upgrade to a really good frame and packsack.  Thanks for such a great product.  Sincerely, Gregg Lee

Click for larger image Jerry Portello sent these photos of him and his hunting buddies 2004 successful elk hunt.  As you can see everybody in camp is wearing a BULL-PAC and a smile.


Hi Janice,
I am so happy my two sons, Eric and Keith, and myself talked with an Alaska Airlines pilot and he told us about the Bull-Pacs.  I moved  to Fairbanks, Alaska from Boise Idaho.  We have had many types of pack frames which we used for big game packing.  None of them are the quality of the Bull-Pacs.
In September 2004, Eric flew from Boise to meet Keith and I at Kotzebue Alaska for a Caribou hunt.  We hunted 4 days and harvested five (5) Caribou.  During the hunt we traveled 160 miles in a open boat traveling through beautiful country on a great river.  We would spot Caribou grazing or bedded and stalk them.  The Bull-Pacs were as valuable as our rifles.  Hiking across the tundra with all the tussock is interesting to say the least.  The stories are true about one step out turns into 10 steps back when you are packing an animal.  The Bull-Pacs made the return trips bearable.  Once you strap the load on the Bull-Pac it stays in place as you meander your way back across and through the tundra tussocks.  The load, no matter how heavy, rests well on your hips and shoulders.
Let me just say, if you are hunting in Alaska bring your Bull-Pac with you.  It is a great product.  Glad to see you are now working with Buck's Bags from Boise.  Their bags are of the same Great quality as your Bull-Pacs.
I have attached a couple of pictures of Eric and his Bull-Pac.  Now you have some Caribou pictures for your web site.  Mike Prentice
"Deer" Janice,

Three years ago I had the unfortunate experience of packing an elk a long distance up here in the Canadian North using one of the traditional tubular frame packs that are found in so many hunting camps. When I finished that trip I vowed that never again would I put myself through that. I had been eyeing up your advertisements in several magazines and knew that the Bull-Pac was for me so I phoned you and ordered the Big Bull. When it arrived in the mail I could not believe my eyes (I ordered the Selway about one month later and love it as well). It far surpassed my expectations! I have packed moose and deer with the greatest of comfort. My body will give out long before the Bull-Pac will....if only I were as well-made. I have included some pictures from my November 2003 Blacktail trip on the west coast of British Columbia. This deer weighed 100 lbs dressed and though I have packed heavier loads, I would not have wanted to pack this buck out any other way. I was nearly a mile up a mountain logging slash....uphill both ways LOL! Thanks for making such an awesome product. I have been turning my hunting buddies on to the Bull-Pac and they have tried it and love it. So, don't be surprised to answer your phone and hear someone with a Canadian accent on the other end saying, "I'd like to order a Bull-Pac eh"!

Yours Truly,

Mike Taylor
Prince Rupert B.C., Canada

E-mail from Robert Narrow:  Without a doubt, the best pack for packing harvested game bar none.  I have tried just about everything imagineable from Cabelas to Bi-Mart.  This pack cannot be beat for strength, lite-weight and ease of use.  I have sold 3 avid hunters after one use of your pack.  The last three years I personally packed out 121 lb., 128 lb., and 132 lb. packs between 6.5 and 8.5 miles on each hunt after harvest.  For your customers that are under the misguided belief that your pack is only for big men or young kids I am 47 years old 5'10" 155 lbs.  The reason I am sending you this email was not to give you a testimonial of your great product but to enquire if I could get a replacement buckle for my bull-pac?  And no, it did not fail.  Actually, after packing a bull for a friend(and selling another very experienced hunter on your pack), I did not secure my waist belt going back empty for another trip and lost the male end of the buckle.  Could you please tell me if I could purchase one and if so how much to send.  Thank you.
Note: We sent Bob his buckle without any charge.

E-mail from Brian Hall
:  I received my BullPac frame Monday, 03/14.  This is a quality built piece of equipment.  I was a welder for 25 years in the fabricating and repair work and can tell good welding when I see it.  This is why buying American made makes sense.  I will be hunting elk in Colorado in the fall and hope I can test this frame out.  Thank you.

E-Mail from J C Martin:  I just returned home from a backpack hunt in the Snake River Breaks of Washington State.  I am a 30 year old avid big game hunter and must share my appreciation of such a quality product.  Three years ago I purchased a Bullpac from you and hunted that year with it.  I back-packed into a remote location in the Central Cascades after drawing a limited bull elk tag and ended up taking a large 6x6 bull on the third day.  I'm not gonna say it was easy, or fun, but the pack frame was simply awesome.
          The following year I packed two separate spike bulls from similar hunts, both times the weight was centered and comfortable.  Finally, last week I killed a large four point buck after a 3 1/2 mile pack in from base camp.  After cutting the buck in two pieces, my partner and I caried him out in one trip.  Once again I was immensely impressed with the overall design of the pack, the weight of this animal was tremendous, coupled with an uphill climb out of a huge canyon.  However, after all was said and done, we returned to camp with a nice buck with nearly no lower back or shoulder injuries.  Thanks again.  J C Martin

E-Mail from Rick Martz: Great talking with you on the phone. The enclosed picture are the results of my first trip into my "Bull Hole" over here in the Bitterroot on Memorial Day week-end using my new Bull-Pac frame. It fits me like a glove, very comfortable and durable. I highly recommend it to any serious Elk hunter. Keep up the excellent work. 
Sincerely, Rick Martz  Victor, MT

E-Mail from Gerry Kelsey:  Well after another successful year of hunting elk, and a much more comfortable 90-110 lb. pack with the bull pac.  I decided to wash my pack in the tub after getting the blooc off I put the pack on my 4-wheeler which was in my truck.  I forgot it was there when we left for the mountains to try to find a muleybuck for my 12 yr old daughter.  We drove about 30 miles on pavement and very bumpy dirt roads when I realized what I had done....thinking many bad thoughts of myself, but when I pulled over, I found the pack still sitting on the 4 wheeler.  A great sigh of relief and I moved it into the back seat.
     Now while hunting (packing) I had a little problem - I slipped a disc in my back, see I am a disabled vet getting ready to have back surgery, so I was unable to complete my share of the packing.  So my cousin who weighs about 125 lbs used my Bull-pac and fell in love with it.  Only problem for him is he couldn't tighten up the waist belt enough and the pac was a little wide for him.  He said he could deal with the width, but would have to have a shorter waist strap.  Is this possible?  ("Yes it is")  He loves this pac compared with the army surplus frame I gave him to use after purchasing the awesome Bull-Pac.  Can certain items on the pac be special ordered? ("Yes, they can")  I told some other people in camp that I had some problems with the back pad, and a couple of straps and that you had fixed them for free, they didn't believe me.  I told them it is well worth the money, and in camp we loaded a hind and front quarter from a 6x6 bull on an army surplus pack/then onto the bull Pac, and just standing there, they could feel the difference.  Hopefully that will get you some orders.  Thanks for the great pac.  Gerry Kelsey

E-mail from Scot Jensen:  I wanted to thank you for offering such a great product.  I wish I could show photos and tell tales of packing out that big buck or bull, but unfortunately that is not the case.  Soon after getting the pack we intended on packing into some great country.  However, my buddy's pack (which was recommended by the U.S. Special Forces and is only available on military posts) failed on him one third of a mile into the trip.  Needless to say, we adjusted our plans and camped short of our final destination.  My new Bull Pac worked flawlessly!  I hope to try it out on some game before the end of the season.  Thanks again!  S. Jensen

E-mail from Jim Donovan: NEXT BEST THING TO A HELICOPTER - My thanks to everyone at Bull-pacs for their role in making the best meat pack available.  I do fair chase, do-it-yourself hunts in the wilderness areas of the southern Cascades and after this year's solo hunt I don't think I could have retrieved my 6x6 bull without your pack or a helicopter.  Gratefully, Jim Donovan

Click for Larger Image
Dave has Mom (Janice) loaded up and 
ready to pack out. 

Now, no lie, this week we got a call from a N. Carolina hunter whose Buddy broke his leg out hunting.  This true friend loaded all 180 pounds of his hunting partner on his BULL-PAC and carried him out on his back. TRUE story.  

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image
This hunter now packs his elk out on a
Big Bull. 

Click for Larger Image

Click for Larger Image
Rolled up the boned out meat in the hide and
got this nice muley out in one pack. 

Click for Larger Image
 Alaska moose horn & skull is a full load.

Click for Larger Image
Nice sheep head, hide and all the gear. 

Click Any Picture
for a Larger Image


 I would like to extend my appreciation for your fantastic customer support.  I feel like you and your reseller, David, in Anchorage, AK (Mountain View Sports Center) are now hunting friends and a part of a fantastic hunting success we had in Kodiak Alaska.

 Our story begins with two hunting buddies and a special Sitka Blacktail Deer hunt we had planned for years on Kodiak.  My hunting partner, Mark, who guides for a Wyoming Outfitter had wanted one of your hunting packs and finally purchased one for his guided trips on Elk Mountain, WY.  He had great success with the pack and hauled many elk off the mountain for his customers.  He claimed unmatched comfort and durability in the BULL-PAC, in addition to, the quick setup with his hunting gear and the quiet and simple strength of the design.  After trying the BULL-PAC on, I knew I wanted this for my Alaska hunt, which was less than a week away.

 Thanks to you and your channel, David and his family met me at the Anchorage Airport with a pack for my trip.  David was right on time and he shared some fun stories and advice for us along with a new friendship in hunting/fishing.  I quickly connected my Nimrod Spotter Pack and it fit as if made for your frame, passed through security and carried the system onto the plane for our trip to Kodiak.

 The BULL-PAC performed above all my expectations and was our standard gear each day through torrential rainstorms (sometimes 80mph winds), tangles of alder and willow, and up and down the steep slopes.  We passed on a lot of nice Sitka Deer and took three trophy bucks between us.  We loaded these quickly on the BULL-PAC and comfortably carried each deer out in a single trip. 

I would gladly recommend your pack system to any rifle or archery big game hunter.  On my archery hunts in Oregon, I frequently use Llamas for packing out my elk but usually find the head and cape need to be on my back or I need to carry some of the load, as well.  I sure wish I had your system for the last Pope & Young Bull Elk our group harvested, but will sure have it for all our future trophies.


 Andy Palioca

Click for Larger Image
Email from TRACKS GUIDE SERVICE in Payson, Az 520 472 6088.  My son, Travis packed out the head 'n hide of a B&C black bear.  Your frame is by FAR the best pack frame I or any of my friends have ever used!!  I know where from I speak.  I own no less than 15 frames, yours again THE BEST!!  P.S. Your game bags, also the very finest I have ever used!  Another very happy user of BULL-PACS!  Thanks.  Ron Buckner
Rick Frame
Click for Larger Image
E-Mail From Rick Frame:
We  packed these bulls out of the Pagosa Springs, Colorado area. We harvested 3 bulls total, in three days and packed all of them out on Bullpacs. A friend of mine Todd Richardson Guided us on these hunts as he has done for the last 5 or 6 years. (Wapiti Guides 970 264 6597) We also book hunts through the store for Todd as well as some other outfitters. These bulls were taken in the same area at around 10,500 ft. All of us were in good physical shape and we loaded these pacs to the max to save us trips back and forth up the mountain. Although these pacs can take the weight, I would not recommend this heavy of a load in this kind of terrain for everyone. These packs carried everything we owned in and out. We will be headed to Montana to Bear hunt this September [2001], and possibly Mountain Lion in December/January [2002].   - Rick Frame's Full Line  Outdoor Store 765 458 7227 in Liberty, Indiana 

Click for Larger Image

I just borrowed one of your packs from a friend to pack two bulls out and I liked it.


ESPN - "Under Wild Skies" Alaska Moose Hunt 
using the BULL-PAC. Click here for story and pictures

E-mail from Buck Davis - I recently bought one of your BULLPAC frames and a Selway bag at the outdoor show in Redmond Ore.  I have had several very popular pack systems and have found all of them come up short when you had to pack out an animal.  Your pack is not only comfortable for an entire day of hunting but is by far the best system I have found for carrying a heavy load.  My hunting partners and I hauled an elk out of the Walla Walla unit in Oregon during archery hunting this year.  Our loads were in excess of 100 pounds and the country is extremely steep.
    I was the only one with a BULLPAC and was amazed at how comfortable it was even in an extreme situation.  I like to hunt all day and almost never return to my vehicle or camp until evening.  When we killed the elk my partners had to return to the truck to exchange their day packs for frames.  I was able to put my load of boned elk meat in a Quarter Bag and lash it on the outside of my Selway Bag.  It saved me one extra trip out of the bottom of an elk "hole".   I shoot traditional archery equipment and found that I could shoot well with your pack on my back  which is a big concern.
     In addition the low profile of your frame made it easy to slip through timber and thick brush.   If I were to make one improvement it would be to cover the shoulder straps and belt with  a quieter material.  My wife is working on that.  Hopefully next year I will have pictures of me and my partners hauling out more elk and if they are smart they will be using one of your pack frames too.  Thanks for a fine product.  Buck Davis

E-mail from Kent Ingram - This past fall I had the pleasure of using the BULLPAC in the Gunnison country, where I shot a 6 point way back in a remote "Hell Hole" canyon.  Using your pack I carried out the bull (boned out) in three very pleasurable trips.  I only wish I had this back pack 25 years ago.  I am serious, I would rather leave my rifle in camp than this pack. One can hunt with this pack frame and the support literally has to be experienced to be believed.  I have since had my buddies use it and am one of your best promoters.  AN UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCT.  All I now need is a motor to carry a 52 year old hunter out.  Kent Ingram, Littleton, Colorado.

"Elk Strategies for the Hunter" by Durwood Hollis, published by Kraus publishing.  A complete "how to" book for the beginning 
elk hunter.

E-mail from Mattheuw - Here is a letter reviewing my new pack frame.  I have hunted, fished, trapped, and backpacked all over including Maine, Florida, Texas, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, Canada, Alaska, and my home state of Ohio. I wish that I would have had this frame about 25 years ago!  I contemplated ordering a Bull-Pac "Big-Bull" frame and Selway pack for about a year. They looked good on the website, but I was unsure since I had not seen them in person. I recently decided to go ahead with the order, and just today received the "Big-Bull" frame. When I unpacked the frame, I was totally shocked! The photos and descriptions on your website do not do justice to this product. The quality of materials and workmanship is FAR superior to any reasonable (or even my unreasonable) expectations!  This frame is immediately comfortable, in fact, it feels luxurious! The back padding and shoulder strap padding is thick and dense. The straps are fastened very securely with good hardware and even nylon insert locknuts. The other straps are securely fastened with sturdy nylon buckles with plenty of webbing left to eliminate any risk of slippage. There are even webbing loading handles on the bottom of the frame.  Being a "Big-Bull" myself, I find that on most packs and frames the shoulder straps and waisbelt straps are too short. However, on this frame, there is plenty of webbing left over. This is very important when wearing insulated hunting clothing and rain gear. I really appreciate the wider width of the frame. The shoulder straps and waistbelt are plenty long and feel ample.  There is only one problem with this frame, and that is when my son sees this frame, I may have to buy one for him too. You see, my son is a fishing and hunting guide in Alaska and has been searching for a good packframe for packing in rafts, belly boats, and other gear for fishermen as well as for packing out moose meat and antlers. I know what I will be getting my son for Christmas!  I have some great hunting and fishing trips planned and look forward to trying to wear out this gear! Thanks for the great work and great product! Please feel free to use this letter on your website. - Mattheuw W. Oberholtzer, Esq., Attorney at Law

E-mail from Mike -  I just received my Big Bull frame. I am delighted with the quality of the construction. I recently moved from Alaska and have become an elk hunter, needless to say, had I owned one of your pack frames in Alaska, packing out last years moose would had been a piece of cake. I broke a frame I bought from another large outdoor company on the first trip. The rest of the beast went out over my shoulder.

E-mail from Bart  - "Just received my Big Bull Pac.  I love it!  I've used a lot of packs and this one is the best of the bunch.  I can't wait to get a real load on it.  Bear season is just around the corner so hopefully I won't have long to wait.  I showed it to my hunting buddies and they want one too.  Thanks for such a fine product and the fast service.  Bart

E-mail from Mitch - I have just been perusing your site. I intend to order one of your frames and packs very soon. Me and a couple buddies just got back yesterday from packing out a bull we got down WAYYYY in the back country. We used some old aluminum pack frames I had in my work shop...nuff said. It took us 3 days to get him out of there and those frames we none too comfortable.  I have to say that your site is one of the most well thought out and composed sites I have ever seen. Not just for the content but anywhere. Keep up the good work! Expect my order and that of my partners soon. Mitch

E-mail from Brad Kipi Akana - "I would like to congratulate you on making one of the most durable and comfortable pack frames I have ever seen.  I was very impressed with how fast my order reached Kauai, Hawaii.  On my first hunt with your frame I shot a nice boar which I packed out with no problems.  On the second hunt I also shot a big sow.  I'm two for two while using your frame.  As far as I know I am the first person to own a Bull-Pac frame on this island.  All the other hunters are impressed.   I have seen all types of pack frames, but I can honestly say Bull-Pacs are the BEST!"

6X Spike

The Six By Spike (Click for complete story)
The incredible hunting trip that helped to create the BULL-PAC.

The Ram
Bob Hughes great hunting trip and a nice trophy.  
Winter Buck Winter Buck Dave's Elk
Dave's Buck and Elk

Charlie's Spring Bear

A Great Hunt
Lloyd Moe saw this bull way up and across a drainage. In the distance I could see his rack moving as he walked. It took me two hours to get over to him and I had to shoot while he was running towards me. He dropped with a single shot through the lungs. He is a 7x7 bull and is in his prime. I've shot lots of mature bulls but none the size of this one. His body was badly bruised and scarred from fighting. This tells me he isn't the biggest in the bunch. This elk was bagged in North Idaho.

Steve's Four Point White Tail

Not many 4 points score 156.


Joe Sparks' 175 7/8

Nice Whitetail !

Rich's Dall Sheep (Click for complete story)

A great hunt! Click HERE for the full story.

Back To Camp
The Greys River, Wyoming area yielded this nice bull for Geof.  He wrote: Attached are two good shots of my bull's antlers.  He is not quite as big as the bull in your current website photos, but the pictures turned out great. My brother helped me pack out the quarters in a regular internal frame pack, and I think he was convinced that the BULL- PAC was much better suited to the task.  Thanks for a great product.

Incredible Rack

Unofficially scores 444/nets 432.

We are as frustrated as you are about the story behind this monster rack.  An older hunter shot it years ago and is determined to keep his mouth shut about the details of his hunt.  

Hughes Elk
Tony's Mule Deer
Click for Larger Image


Tony Crooker's friend's 4 x 5 mule deer.



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