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Enjoy Your Meat

When I was growing up my Dad always provided us with plenty of elk and deer.  Mom served it as a mainstay of our diet.  Sometimes we ate it seven days a week and we are all healthy and strong.  My family is also being raised on the deer and elk that my son and I bring in.  Wild game is a fine source of protein without chemical additives or excessive fat.  If dressed correctly in the field, kept clean and protected, and properly cut, it is without a doubt the finest cuisine!!

Doubters read on and discover what you may need to change in the care of your meat.

Field Dressing do's and don'ts

Meat cutting instructions for the best flavor

Elk and deer steak fried to perfection

Tender and tasty roasts

Using the rest of the meat

Our experience has pretty much been limited to deer and elk.  We have bagged a couple of moose over the years and cooked it pretty much the same as deer and elk.  If you have eaten other types of big game, let us know about your experience - good or bad!  And please share your recipes and cooking techniques.  We'll try to keep this page active and changing with your help.

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